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Definition of: Minnehaha
On a warm summer day in 1905 in the prairie city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, four men headed south out of town on the cobblestone streets in a horse-drawn carriage. Their intention? To play a little golf on a somewhat primitive golf course on the outskirts of town. They made another decision that day-one with lasting consequences. They formed a small private golfing organization called Minnehaha Country Club.

Today, 108 years later, Minnehaha Country Club boasts a rich and textured history, and one of the premier golf courses in the region. The story of Minnehaha Country Club is certainly about golf. It's where professionals have been nurtured, state champions crowned, and important tournaments played. It's about the course. Recognized architects designed it, the Big Sioux River flooded it, and politicians threatened it.

Most of all, the story of Minnehaha Country Club is about people. The movers and shakers of Sioux Falls called Minnehaha home, as did the early caretakers who lived on the golf course itself. Members bring their children here, play here, do business here and cement friendships here. Through the century, they've built a private club that has weathered floods, wars, and economic downturns-becoming a vital part of the Sioux Falls cultural scene and a place to call home. Thus the mantra "Your Home Away from Home."

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